Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

Carpet Cleaning is a service that Water Damage Restoration excel in. Whether its your home, insurance claims, or for rental properties. Generally speaking most people think vacuuming the carpet in their home or residence is enough but they couldn’t be more wrong. Most home vacuum cleaners remove only a small amount of dust and dirt leaving residue that is difficult to remove. There are millions of small germs, mites and soil hiding underneath the carpets in your home which would mean allergy and asthma issues for you and your family.
Carpet Cleaning Wellington

Whats Included In Our Carpet Cleaning Process?


Pre-Vacuum is the very first part of the Carpet Cleaning process and sets the standard for the end result. By using an commercial grade upright vacuum  you will be able to get rid of the dirt that has already been pushed into the carpet through time. This kind of dirt is one of the most difficult ones to clean and that explains why this step is a very important one. 

Pre-vacuuming can enhance the effectiveness of the carpet clean by 50% and can remove up to 80% of the dust and fine particles.

Carpet Cleaning Wellington

Pre - Spray & Agitation

Pre-spray is the phase where sanitizing agents are applied to the entire carpet in order to wet and soften the dirt.

Once we have applied the pre spray, it is essential to allow dwell time for it to work its properly. Dwell time refers to the period during which the pre-spray remains on the carpet before being agitated or steam-cleaned. This allows the chemicals in the pre-spray to penetrate deep into the fibers and break down dirt, stains, and odors effectively.

The recommended dwell time for using a pre-spray may vary depending on factors such as level of soiling, but generally allowing 10-15 minutes is sufficient. 

Agitating refers to gently brushing the carpet after applying the pre spray. This step helps enhances the penetration of cleaning agents into fibers while loosening dirt particles for easy removal during extraction or vacuuming.

Steam Cleaning

Steam Cleaning or hot water extraction is pressurized water dispersed through a commercial-grade machine. 

The extraction process and machine can be broken down into two parts:

  • the wand used to apply the hot water under pressure, and 
  • the machine that removes (sucks up) the water.

The stainless steel wand has either 3 or 2 jets that are spraying the water onto the carpet, loosening and removing the dirt, and killing all the bacteria.

After the jets have sprayed water onto the carpet, the machine part which contains the high-powered vacuums then follows by sucking up all the loosened dirt and debris and any leftover water from your carpet. It’s vital the vacuum withdraws any extra water to help prevent any nasty smells from forming. 

Carpet Cleaning Wellington

The Bottom Line

There are so many benefits to having your carpets professionally steamed cleaned at least once a year. 

  • Your carpet will be fresh and hygienic – no more dust, dirt, and germs lying around
  • Gets rid of all those stubborn stains that have been bothering you and your employees 
  • Prolongs your carpets life
  • Guarantees an effective deep clean – the chemical and hot water combination produces supreme cleaning results 
  • People with allergies will notice when a carpet has been steam cleaned. No longer will they be sneezing or have a runny nose from dust mites 
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