Professional Stain Removal

Water Damage Restoration Wellington Are The Stain Removal Experts.
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A stain on your carpet, sofa or rug can be a constant reminder in an otherwise perfect environment. Stains are embarrassing, and can often be full of bacteria and fungus making the art of stain removal so important.

As soon as the “accident” happens, its important to call Water Damage Restoration Wellington straight away! The longer the stain sits in the fibers of a fabric, the harder it can be to remove. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible though. We work around the clock 24/7 and can come into your home and evaluate the stain. Our professionally trained staff will provide advice and information, and you will receive a realistic quote to get the work done. We can quite often we can complete the stain removal on the spot.

Don’t panic! We can help. We can combat the following types of stains.

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Types Of Stains We Can Remove

  • Permanent inks
  • Organic Dyes
  • Synthetic Dyes
  • Cosmetics
  • Paint
  • Food
  • Rust
  • Gum
  • Adhesives 
  • Grease 
  • Red liquids AND MORE!

Why Choose Us For Stain Removal?

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We remove stains our competitors cant...

Can All Stains Be Removed?

Our technicians are highly trained professionals. We will treat stained areas using the best products available. However, some stains may have set, depending how long they have sat for which means they could be permanent. So we can’t guarantee to remove every stain but we will work with you to find the best option. 



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